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A simple, inexpensive temperature sensor

Very rough, preliminary effort!

It works!

And it works simply.

Plug an LM35DZ into either of the right hand input sockets for the NoviceGuard, and you get different numbers when the device is at different temperatures.

Here are the results of some rough tests....

43  / 22.9 deg c
58  / gripped in fingers... maybe 34 deg C
22 / against "cold cup"-7 deg C
85  /against hot mug of tea... 49.6 deg c

Here's a graph of that....


The software

//Code to read an LM35DZ temperature sensor
//  on a NoviceGuard, with NovGrdCore
//Vers 11 Aug 15

#include <NovGrdCore.h>
//  for details of the (trivial) conversion which
//  allows you to use this software without NovGrdCore

NovGrdCore NGC;

void setup()
  Serial.println("Hello- NoviceGuard + LM35 temperature sensor");
  Serial.println("Version 11Aug15");
}//end of setup()

void loop()
int iTtureReading;
//Change inPUR in the following if sensor
//   is connected via a different data line.
}//End of loop()

Pester me if you see this online after 10 Sept 15, please. Please put "NGDau-TtureLM35 needs work" in subject line.

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