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PinMode... Don't (almost ever) use it with a NoviceGuard

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For normal use of the NoviceGuard, you should not use any pinMode commands.

When getting started with NoviceGuard, the free Arduino library NovGrdCore will take care of, and hide, all the pinMode commands your users need.

The fact that NovGrdCore "hides" the pinMode commands is one of the great advantages of using the library. If you don't want to use NovGrdCore, you need to "train" your users to use a set of standard pinMode commands, and no others.

The day may come, when your users are a long way past being novices, that they should... carefully... use a few pinMode commands. We'll see. Please write in, if you see justification for suggesting the use of a pinMode command to a user.

Of course, use of the twelve way connector will give rise to the need for some pinMode commands... or for something in NovGrdCore to provide "hidden" pinMode commands.

Why not use pinMode?

Here's the theory, etc, behind the above...

Arduinos are remarkably robust. But they REALLY don't like it if you connect Vcc or ground (zero volts) to a pin when that pin has been the subject of a pinMode command turning it into an output. You can get lucky sometimes... the voltage you are applying and the state the Arduino program is trying to establish have to be different for damage to arise... but there's a 50:50 chance of that happening. Before Mr. Murphy changes the theoretical 50:50 to a certainty.

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