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NoviceGuard is an inexpensive PCB which is intended to make getting started with Arduinos easy. As a bonus, it protects the Arduino from some mistakes by which novices sometimes damage the Arduino.

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NoviceGuard's Main Page- "Modules.htm"

Invitation for Parents and Teachers- ModTeaInt: How NoviceGuard could bring Good Stuff to your kids.
Introduction for Experts- ModGeeInt: Request, invitation, plea for comments on the concept and design from those who might be able to spot flaws, shortcomings.

You don't need a NoviceGuard to use the NoviceGuard lesson ideas- NGBrdNotNeeded

How to obtain a NoviceGuard- ModObt: NoviceGuards are being loaned to some people.

Not a webpage... "just" a way to download a .pdf of the schematic.

Second tier "introductory" and informative material

A thorough overview of the elements present on the board- ModBrdPts
More of the same- with more detail- ModBrdPtsTech

Supporting OPTIONAL Arduino Library: NovGrdCore

Main page for the library- NovGrdCoreMain
How to skip using the library, if you wish- NGCoreDoINeed

Technical matters

Power demands and supply- Overview- ModPwr
Power solutions- first pass- ModSce
Power solutions- the NG_PwrDemands defined- ModSce2
Power solutions- Final odds and ends- ModSce3

Pages about Daughter Boards/ Twelve Way Connector

The circuits supporting the daughter board connectors and those supporting the Twelve Way Connector are very different. Please do not think they are different only in the number of pins they have.

Daughter boards pages menu (DauMenu): This page is a sub-menu of a part of the NoviceGuard site, with links to all the pages about using daughter boards. It also has some general points about using them.

Other pages about daughter boards, previously listed in this section, are now available from the daughter board pages sub-menu page.

Menu for information about Twelve Way Connector (TwMenu): This page is a sub-menu of a part of the NoviceGuard site, with links to all the pages about using the Twelve Way Connector.

Short "What this term means" "glossary" pages

Why we don't use the pinMode command- ModPinMode

Extended essays, discrete reference works

Ideas for "playing" with NoviceGuard protected Arduinos- ModChall: Organized from "NG_PwrDemand_0- possible" challenges upward to challenges needing the more complex configurations.


A START (ragged) on a manual for mentors- ModMainManu

A number of odds and ends. The link will take you to a sub-menu. That will offer you a variety of things that are eveolving at the moment. There's a page on third party Arduino libraries (other than NovGrdCore). There are several pages relating to connecting things to the twelve way connector.

Deprecated page(s)

Scraps left from original main page- ModulesOrig
A page which had some material that was re-distributed- ModLevs

Rugguino/ Ruggeduino

I should point out that my "Rugguino" has nothing to do with the much more developed "Ruggeduino" from I think we both go back about the same number of years. When I first set up my "Rugguino" domain, I wrote the nice people at Ruggeduino, suggesting that confusion might arise. I think we can live side by side, but be careful not to confuse us.

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